Disorders Specifically Associated With Stress in ICD-11


  • Andreas Maercker Orcid
  • David J. Eberle Orcid


Background: After almost three decades of ICD-10 use for diagnostic purposes, the World Health Organization has conducted a systematic and elaborate evaluation to revise the classification of mental disorders in this system. This revision resulted in the 11th version (ICD-11), introduced in 2022. As one new feature, the ICD-11 forms a new grouping of mental disorders specifically associated with stress. Method: The current review presents an overview of the diagnostic features and cultural specifications of disorders specifically associated with stress. This grouping includes posttraumatic stress disorder and complex posttraumatic stress disorder, prolonged grief disorder, adjustment disorder, as well as two diagnoses for children, reactive attachment disorder and disinhibited social engagement disorder. Results: Overall, there is evidence for the improved clinical utility and applicability of these disorders. The disorders have been defined in a parsimonious way by few features, but they suffice for scientific purposes as well. Conclusion: However, more research is needed to evaluate assessments for the diagnoses and diagnostic features in the ICD-11.