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Articles below are "in press", i.e., accepted for publication in Clinical Psychology in Europe but not yet published. However, authors are encouraged to make their Accepted Author Manuscript (AAM) available on this page (as described below).

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  • Effect of cultural adaptation of a smartphone-based self-help programme on its acceptability and efficacy (Registered Report, IPA)

    Eva Heim, Sebastian Burchert, Mirëlinda Shala, Kaufmann Marco, Arlinda Cerga Pashoja, Naser Morina, Michael Schaub, Christine Knaevelsrud, Andreas Maercker
  • The cultural supplement: a new method for assessing culturally relevant prolonged grief disorder symptoms

    Clare Killikelly, Andreas Maercker
  • Clinical psychology and the COVID-19 pandemic: A mixed methods survey among members of the European Association of Clinical Psychology and Psychological Treatment (EACLIPT)

    Julia Asbrand, Samantha Gerdes, Josefien Breedvelt, Jenny Guidi, Colette Hirsch, Andreas Maercker, Céline Douilliez, Gerhard Andersson, Martin Debbané, Roman Cieslak, Winfried Rief, Claudi Bockting
  • Interoception and Premonitory Urges in Children and Adolescents with Tic Disorders

    Christina Schütteler, Katrin Woitecki, Manfred Döpfner, Alexander L. Gerlach
  • Skill Improvement through Learning in Therapy (SKILT): a study protocol for a randomized trial testing the direct effects of cognitive behavioral therapy skill acquisition and role of learning capacity in depression

    Sanne Bruijniks, Ulrike Frank, Brunna Tuschen-Caffier, Jessica Werthmann, Fritz Renner
  • Can a Variant of the Implicit Association Test Detect Nonsuicidal Self-Injury in a Clinical Population? A Registered Report

    Femke Cathelyn, Pieter Van Dessel, Laurence Claes, Jan De Houwer