Burnout Subtypes: Psychological Characteristics, Standardized Diagnoses and Symptoms Course to Identify Aftercare Needs


  • Gianandrea Pallich Orcid
  • Martin grosse Holtforth
  • Barbara Hochstrasser


Background: To better understand individual differences between burnout inpatients and improve individually tailored treatments in a psychiatric hospital, cluster analysis based on a number of self-report measures was used to investigate psychosocial characteristics of 96 participants. Method: Group membership was analyzed regarding associations with standardized measures of psychiatric and personality disorders. Moreover, symptom levels of burnout, depression, and general mental health were used to characterize the groups and to observe differential trajectories at admission, discharge, and follow-up. Results: As in previous research, we identified four subtypes that differed in comorbidity, psychological characteristics and treatment outcome. This calls for tailored interventions for the more vulnerable patients. Conclusion: The replicated and enriched characterization of burnout inpatients can help to optimally meet the differential needs of burnout patients.