The Role of Psychotherapy in the German Health Care System

Training Requirements for Psychological Psychotherapists and Child and Adolescent Psychotherapists, Legal Aspects, and Health Care Implementation


  • Nikolaus Melcop
  • Thomas von Werder
  • Nina Sarubin
  • Andrea Benecke


In Germany every citizen must acquire either public or private health insurance from companies which then cover the expenses for psychotherapeutic in-patient and out-patient treatments within a given set of regulations. Since the commencement of the Psychotherapists' Law in 1999, psychological psychotherapists and child and adolescent psychotherapists are permitted to diagnose and treat mental disorders with psychotherapy under their own responsibility as a legally defined healing profession. Psychotherapists have to use scientifically approved psychotherapeutic approaches for treatment. The qualification and licensure of psychotherapists are highly regulated by the Psychotherapists' Law, which is currently undergoing a process of change.